A few clarifications re: time tracking

I’ve modified the timeslip script in the Drafts action directory so that time entries are consolidated based on the standardized client name rather than the client number.

Before the change, if you didn’t use unique client numbers (or just left the number field blank), the script would think all the entries had the same number and would lump them all together under the first client name. The new version avoids this and makes using client numbers mostly optional.

The only exception is that, if there are things you don’t want to track—like breaks or meals—you should still create a client with a 0 number. Such a client (or clients) get stripped out by the process timeslip action.

Note: I do this with a single client called not work which has aliases for all the items I don’t want to track, like “lunch,” “break,” or “dentist.” This keeps my client list relatively clean. But you could get the same result by having multiple separate non-work clients, each with 0 as their number.

Ciaran Connelly @ciaran