Why Micro.blog?

I skipped most of social media. I never signed up for Facebook. I only lurk on Twitter. I haven’t snapgrammed or found much to be pinterested in.

But I’m trying Micro.blog.

Why? Well, because:

  • I admire what Manton and Micro.blog are attempting to do here—which is the exact opposite of what I think about Facebook and Twitter;
  • I’d like to use Micro.blog as a place to find my online voice. I’m pretty sure my voice doesn’t do a lot of posting about the meals I’ve eaten or convey hot takes on how best to lament the current state of politics. But I’m still exploring what my voice does speak about.
  • A lot of the folks I admire—many from the Apple tech and podcast space (Relay, Stephen, OmniGroup, AgileTortoise, Greg, AlexCox, Gruber, etc.)—are on here. I’ve been reluctant to engage with them on Twitter just because Twitter is, well, Twitter. But this might be different.

So here’s to a 2018 that is better for Micro.blog being in it.

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January 21, 2018

Ciaran Connelly @ciaran