Why Drafts?

Microblogger @jemostrom asked about and how folks use @agiletortoise’s Drafts. Here’s how I think about it:

I have a pad of paper on my desk at work. On that pad I’ll scribble down all sorts of things: a phone number, an agenda, notes of a teleconference, a task that I need to do, what project I was working on and when, an idea for a blog post or new app to try out, tech that I need to research, a client’s spouse’s name, a book recommendation … (the list is endless).

That pad of paper is great because it’s always there, ready to go at a moment’s notice. I can write down any information that comes my way and I don’t have to know what sort of information I’m going to get before writing it down. Later, when I have time, I can go through and process all the information I captured on that notepad: enter tasks into my task manager , add phone call notes to the approrpriate client’s communication log, add that person’s mobile number to their contact card, etc.

Drafts is just the digital version of that pad of paper. It’s where I can capture any written information without worrying about where that information is going later on. The difference from the paper pad is that I can use powerful actions to do the processing steps.

Sidenote: Part of the reason I started this blog was a desire to share some of the specific ways I use Drafts and other iOS apps to get things done, so stay tuned…